Sex helps sleep Who can not sleep Use “sex” as a therapy. If the sex deteriorates. Should be stimulated. Supplements “Chong Cao” Help relax Increase the pleasure of sex.

Sexuality helps to relax, relax, relax, increase sexual pleasure.

Fully liberated Sperm The more sex, the better sleep, but the activity in bed, the mood is too fast or too long, it is not good, the right time to sperm. It helps to sleep.

Chong cao is tissue culture and naturally. Similar properties Can be used to nourish the nervous system, emotional relaxation of the mind and help strengthen the adrenal glands. Help in the semen of men. After the release, you will sleep peacefully. Try to eat offline. Use chemical stimulants. Serious stimulants may only be effective during sex. Not in the long term.

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