Thailand is a country of agriculture, as is its closest neighbors Vietnam / Cambodia, the tropical climate in this part of East Asia allows agriculture to thrive producing huge amounts of amazing Fruits / Flowers / Vegetables and healthy Livestock. Experience the ( Holiday of a Lifetime) and book your life changing experience, working on a Thai Farm today.

There are three main seasons in Thailand, the summer season the winter season and the season to buy a boat the rainy season. To experience the real Thailand come on holiday to live and work on a Thai Farm. Meet real kind honest genuine loving Thai people and experience there generous hospitality first hand.

I myself have worked on a Thai Farm during the floods in Thailand last year, i enjoyed myself so much and have made some life long Thai friends, yes the work was sometimes hard but i found the whole experience life changing, you can not buy life changing experiences.

I would recommend a Thai Agro Tourism Working Holiday to every one, you work live eat and make life long friends and the experience is truly amazing. So before you book your next holiday ;

(1) Think experience
(2) Think generosity / kindness
(3) Think life long friends,………. Think a Thai Agro Tourism Holiday.

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