I would like to suggest Tourism farm ornamental fish. And he sold varities ornamental fish  in Suphanburi province in Thailand. And I  have spoken with him about a beautiful fish. We came to know each other better.

His name is Mr. Chu.

In the current market share in the fish and so on, will no longer driven by the government to help somehow. However ornamental fish industry will continue to have our own farm. Including the cultured both professional and amateur. Slow growth, if we are interested in fish cultured as a business would have thought as much. Because this is changing the world market to buy fish. Consumers want quality fish species have been beautiful, clean and germ-free. Therefore, we should plan well before the production of fish for sale.

Although fish are sold through the agency or to be sold through both domestic and international markets. The quality is not that kind of plain, but it is what customers want. Therefore, the management of fish cultured. Is most needed. We must take into consideration. Hatchery fish should be clear to distinguish the types of fish. Sex and size of the fish into the other. Isolation of a grade fish. And fish that do not meet the requirements of the market, it should not be issued. Although the fish is sold for a cheap. But for small fish like guppy fish if
the fish quality was already sold as fish bait. Do not fish sold as grade A. And when Fish Ponds is a fish but the fish were removed. Bring to a fish pond and a separate I call it “fish kindergarten”.  However if the fish pond that is contagious and I can not edit it. You have to destroy all the fish. And do not it. And the wells should be clean and dry wells are at least two weeks. Important fish are sick, do not take it for sale bait fish. Because it will create damage to other fish.

I have the opportunity to see many species of fish farms. I have to admit that some of the fish farm with a good deal too. He has a clear space. The type of fish. Not to be mixed arbitrarily.
And the separation quality of fish to feed off of each group. Makes it easy for visitors to buy fish. Whether to raise or sell. I Want to people who are interested in aquaculture, fish farming and management systems are good. Because it will enable us to maintain quality of fish. And of course it will, we can sell more expensive fish.

However, most of those fish are not so important in this regard. Because think it’s a waste of time And the cost consuming. Because fish were a few. But for those fish that do not have a large area. If you think to sell large quantities of fish, I was thinking error significant. Because you can not do as much volume. It is limited to your area. The fish, with emphasis on the quality of the fish as an alternative you should be thinking.

Present the neighbors, we share this country with the cultured ornamental fish for export to world markets and they have low cost. And they have a large area to raise the volume. Now, when we are leading the culture of ornamental fish for export. Should focus on quality, the more species. Because if we do not do, we will have fish to sell cheap game to them. If this would be harder. Because cheap fish is done.

This is the words of Mr. Chu, from Thai Central Gaden and big ornamental fish in Thailand

if you want to tourism or for study farm ornamental fish, suggest Tourism farm ornamental fish at Thai Central Garden in Suphanburi province in Thailand

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