ThaiG Thai Central Garden. Please visit the show tech innovation of agricultural technology. Called “Horti Asia Secondarily International Tradeshow for Horticultural and Floricultural Production and Processing Technology”

Local : Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC), Thailand.

Beginning 9 to 11 May 2013.

The purpose of the event Horti Asia Secondarily.

*** To promote the agricultural industry of the Thailand to world.

*** To encourage and promote the Thailand as a center of horticulture.

***Is the exchange of knowledge and ideas in the fields of technology to support the AEC in 2015.

***To enhance and push the Thailand into global agriculture is a universal standard.

***Thailand vegetables to support the export-led one in Asia.


Note : Visit distinguished the garden is sufficient form Thai central Garden, you can meet booth ThaiG Thai Central Garden

Sponsored by

** Ornamental Association of Thailand.

** ThaiG Thai Central Garden form

** Udomgarden

** Tourism Authority of Thailand

** Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives of thailand

** Department of Export Promotion Ministry of Commerce of Thailand


News Article by Agence ThaiG.

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