Before you decide to buy a home or condo Condominium. There should be rules and consider the following.

Things you should check before buying a home and condo Condominium has 6 factors.

1. Amount of the loan from financial institutions. In order to know the price of the home to be purchased by the buyer to check with the parties. Loans of financial institutions. According to the website or the information, services or housing. The website provides information on the habitat. Or by the financial institutions, which usually financial institutions to lend 25-30 times the salary the borrower. In the event that the buyer has the co-borrower. The ratio of the loan increases. Would increase the salary of the borrower. Financial institutions. Might be considered lending limit in excess of the required minimum. By considering the other factors such as job security advances, the ability to pay. The sources of professional knowledge. Income etc.

2. Project information. Divided by the price level and location of housing interested. Of publications or websites. Provide information to residents. In order to save time. The cost of the trip to see actual project.

3. Government information. Such as area of land expropriation, Network infrastructure – utilities available. The information in the future. Some benefits Such as housing construction, the intersection of the highway.

4. Principle city plan. Avoid projects that are in the urban areas of the industry. Or commerce or that. Residential density. Because these are the areas where people are dense, And activities, Many pollution, Traffic problems, etc..

5. Facilities needed. Such as hospitals, shopping malls, schools, etc. If it is necessary to use it. Check the periods and ease of travel.

6. Path of travel. And network traffic. Public transportation Such as information. Bus route number of the bus at the time services required by the bus between home and work and school children turnpike Road and traffic information. Point in question. And the shortest route. Etc.