In holiday fishing in Thai Central Garden .In Thailand.

In this weekend I have plane to go travel in Kanchanaburi and have go overnight and fishing at Thai Central Garden

Thai Central Garden stay away from Kanchanaburi 60 kilometers if you are from Kanchanaburi, but if you are from Bangkok to Thai Central Garden it will 120 kilometers, Travel is comfortable because it has a air-conditioned buses and services van but if you ride of about 70 kilometers, Nakhon Pathom province.

Thai Central Garden is a form of natural garden and vegetable fruit are chemical-free but my objective today is come to eat chemical-free food, but I come to fishing a natural fish. I haven’t come here yet, but my foreign friends recommend me and tell me “ Thai Central Garden is very good” because it is suitable for people who like fishing a natural fish. In here don’t have a facilities but you will have a spiritual happiness and excited all time. It is a very excited adventure . For going fishing this time, It is a impression that can’t be removed. For example drink coconut water from garden, eat grill fish from my fishing. It’s a very fantastic holiday in Thai Central Garden in Thailand.

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