Curcuma comosa, Wan Chak Mot Luk, Herbal medicine in Thai that health care and balance of women especially. You might be a person who need help with this.

Herb in Zingiberaceae isWan Chak Mot Luk that is planted underground. In Thailand, there are 2 kinds,Curcuma comosa and Curcuma latifolia, when you look them, you see a little different about them. It is an herbal medicine in Thai used to treat women for a long time. Nowadays, we have a solution for women from Wan Chak Mot Luk.

Wan Chak Mot Luk with a solution that is an antagonist of the women.

  1. To solve the problem of abnormal period. This problem is annoyingwomen. It has been some months to come less just stopping, or some months to come in advance until women shocked. Wan Chak Mot Luk is an herb that soothes her menstrual cycle to work on time and regularly that is important for women because it makes women’s plan in life much easier.
  2. To reduce the symptoms, PMS (Premenstrualsyndrome) or symptoms before period. Some have headaches, body aches, pains in the muscles and breast engorgement hurt like breastfeeding. Some people don’t have just a physical one, but also have mood swings easily and depression. Not easy to face these problems every month. The study found, from scientists in Thai, that this helps these symptoms decrease or disappear.
  3. To reduce discomfort during the period. Some have pain or fever during the period. Abdominal pain-delay type that no want to leave or to work. This called a women’s body that is known as the weakest in any month. In addition,Wan Chak Mot Luk can reduce the symptoms before a period and also can reduce discomfort during period that is excellent. So women are not rejected.

The big problem of women solved by Wan Chak Mot Luk.

  1. To make the vagina tighten or technical term is Repair, but this case doesn’t require surgery. Relying on properties in Wan Chak Mot Luk, make the vagina tighten and no dry vagina. Especially the mother after birth that often have this problem.
  2. To reduce aging. When entering the aging, this herb answers for women with this problem because there are phytoestrogen hormones, which can replace the estrogen hormones that big aging is lacking. So it helps to reduce thereaction of these quite well.

Women face changing all the ages, since all teenagers started period, to have children, and began to be the aging. Although these changes are a natural, but nature was not smooth for every woman. Some people faced the different problems that told all before. Curcuma comosa is born to be an herb, especially women, is both prevention and reduction of symptoms caused by sex hormones that when God created a woman, it also is created with merciless as well.

thai herb that drew the uterus

thai herb for women’s vaginal discharge

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