Enjoy with fishing dam at thai Central Garden.

Today is a holiday weekend. I do not know what to do. I think that’s a good holiday. And today the weather is not very hot. I saw a glimpse of the fishing rod. I realized that. I better go fishing. Better than inaction. I went to find a shovel. Filling in for digging in the orchard. To be used as fishing bait. When I earthworm. I rushed to sit in front of a large fishing pond. Fishing is approximately 5 acres. The water depth of about 50 meters. Fishing Thai Central Garden. Fishing is very deep and very wide. Atmosphere. A large variety of fish. I had ovulated Big Head. Has a weight about 15 kg. And a length of about 80 cm. In addition to the fish such as pompano,Siamese giant carp,Asian Redtail Catfish, Etc. A fish that I said all this. It is a fish from The Khao Laem Dam. Kanchanaburi province in thailand. It is not a food fish general. But it is the dam fish. I do not need to feed the fish. It

39;s a fish in nature. eat bait very difficult. You wonder this? It was fish in our fish pond, how? Because it came on stream. Fishing Thai Central Garden connect irrigation canal. Water flows from the Khao Laem Dam in Kanchanaburi province. So all fish in Thai Central garden fishing. It has varities,

You can enjoy fishing the dam. And you do not have to go to the dam. You can fish the dam at Thai Central Garden it is very nice. Because form Bankok to Thai Central Garden fishing about 120 kilometers only, Thai Central Garden fishing be Uthong districs Suphanburi provice in thailand

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