Mice visit a scarce palm garden in thaicentralgarden.

U Thong District is a small district. It is a district in the Suphan Buri province. Not far from Bangkok. Convenient travel. The buses run through the several. And a taxi Published, bus or van. U Thong district of Bangkok, about 130 km distance along the road Malaiman Nakhon Pathom – Suphan Buri.

U ThongDistrict is an old Golden Dome. Its area is agriculture, such as watermelon and sugar cane farming, gardening and so on.

Today I would like to invite you to the Thai Central Garden. It is a garden combine. An area of 15 acres.

The garden is planted variety.  The Cha Om (acacia pentana) fish farming, planting gardens and orchards,

and ornamental plants and cut leaves. Thai Central Garden. A biological park. Do not use chemicals.

Everything is all fermented plant. A special fishing pond, a natural pond. Fishing area is about 4 acres.
If you interest Natural tourism in Thailand, At Thai Central Garden, please contact


Thai aromatic coconuts.Sweet and very fragrant at thaicentralgarden

Birds security on the Thai Central Garden.Because no one hurt them.

Thai lotus in Thai central garden

Thai Philodendron Leaves cross in garden for export to on the world

Thai Philodendron paddle and Leaves thick, Leaves storage for longer.

News Article by Agence ThaiG.

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