Turmeric capsule cure stomach acid reflux.

Herbs turmeric, upset stomach, peptic ulcer, good talk intestines clear intestines, nourish the lungs and for smokers or people who are allergic to dust.

Properties of turmeric for intestines and stomach cure intestines infection, gastroesophageal reflux disease, nourish the liver, brain, strengthen lung strong. Especially a gastroesophageal reflux disease and diseases have to eat. The immune system in the body.
Supports brain function as normal.

Support function of the pancreas as normal.

To prevent free radicals which cause the of all kinds, including cancer.

Help the stomach and intestines function normal and healthy.

Help solve the working normal and healthy.

Reduce and prevent inflammation of cells in the body.

Wound healing both inside and outside.

Capsule and contains

Capsule, packing contain 1000 capsule products to sell wholesale.

Product quality, factory prices.
Commercial registration number 0507114722585.
Drug license. 1 / 51.
Pharmaceutical production control and the product by Kasem Kumkon, 19892

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