Former Director of Channel 11 TV stations to turn his career in agriculture with the planting mix.

Lime, cement plants in the pipeline. Intercropping with fruit trees, eating leaves. Dig a fish pond and water plants. It is recognized as a source.

GAP vegetation from the Department of Agriculture. Is the transfer of knowledge to local people and organizations. To the study.
In the area of just 2 hectares in area 2, while Kuan Hatyai district of Sri Mr. us.

Former board director of Television of Thailand Channel 11 information that is now become the focus of

Those who love their land. After the effort and investment over the same area as mixed farms.

Works of the King. By focusing on growing in the pipes, cement, lime and some.

Planted directly into the ground. Intercropping with fruit trees – do not eat the leaves of many kinds. And digging of fish ponds. Within just two years of.

Retirement. It appears that success and satisfaction.
Mr Prasert said. Within the area of 2 acres of citrus varieties have been cultivated in the Community a concrete pipe 150.

God graciously planted lemon trees and plants into the ground and another 150 by lime trees planted in the concrete pipe will be used.

The only issue was that expensive. During March and April. The limes are grown in the soil will allow.

The natural result. This will yield a harvest throughout the year. The main income of the best. Particularly now.

Prices rising to more than 100 kilograms each or eight ewes and two varieties of lemon are standing at 5-6.

Per kg. The planting takes just eight months, it has been produced.
Mr Prasert said. In addition to plant lemon and a half acres to dig a pond fish and plants tiered lotus growing bananas.

Banana, banana, ivory and stone around the pool. And intercropping wit

h fruit trees – not to eat a variety of species such as the Dragon 12.

The nuts will be planted along the fence. Cha and Sauropus. The cutoff to eat and sell. Invert the yield.

To circulate throughout the year. In principle, everything that eats plants. Eat everything grown. Reduce costs and increase revenue.
Mr Prasert said. The area is only 2 acres of land, but it can be successfully integrated.

We want to encourage farmers to turn to the people of this land. The self-reliant by.

Revenue throughout the year. And to transfer knowledge to those interested in or visit the park and

Through a network interface pad. E-mail: or .08-7295-5977. The farmers in the past.

And organizations both at home and abroad to study continuously all day.

News Article by Agence ThaiG.

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