Sell extract concentration. Just one tablet a day. Help increase breast size

pueraria mirifica

pueraria mirifica Increase female hormones

Sell herbal breast. Pueraria extract was concentrated for 5 times. Increase female hormones. Factory price.

The Pueraria extract concentration is Pueraria that we have extract to have a extract from pueraria that 5 times more intense than usual, which we use pueraria 3 years up(or Weight 25-30 kg or more), bring to extract so we will get The concentrated extract in terms of powder that have very high concentrations
Note** Extract: Not separate the substance because it will have nutrition and high Pharmacological substances**

How to apply
Can be merge with cosmetics or a supplement food to help a product to have more concentration and quality. Currently, in China and South Korea ordered this extract substance a lot to be a mixture of cosmetics and supplement food. For worldwide distribution including Thailand.
The Pueraria substances containing in the form of capsules. The Pueraria that we have sold now is pueraria mixed with pueraria substance, which are extract from pueraria that 5 times more intense than usual. Just take 1 capsule only per day. So you will don’t have to eat in large quantities like a pueraria that doesn’t extract. We do not recommend eating more than we suggest because it is a concentration substances.

How to solution side effect
– Shower frequently, several times a day. If the fresh water is better. Such symptoms are alleviated.

Herbal medicine is not a magical medicine that when you eat and you can see immediate results. Be slow or fast depending on the balance of your body. Some of you may have results within three days or seven days. Some might take months to see results. I ask you to think eat to nourish the body or have a good health

Pueraria extract characteristics
There is a white powder, toughness and viscous if it touch humidity in the air.

Pueraria extract concentration substances. Just one tablet a day. Help increase breast size. If you eat regularly make your skin white and clear.

Pueraria extract substances 100%. Bottle containing 60 capsules. 300 baht

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More Information Sell herbal Big breast. Pueraria extract

Note: Before ordering medicines. Please send email or line to ask because the cost of importing is not equal. Some countries import but some are not. Therefore, you should check for permission to import of your country first.

Herbal Increase female hormones

pueraria mirifica capsuls estrogen

pueraria mirifica capsuls estrogen